Serena Williams Plastic Surgery: before and after

Serena Williams Plastic Surgery: before and after

Who is Serena Williams?

Serena Williams is an American internationally recognized professional tennis superstar. Some of her conquests include the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. Her prize is more than $60 million and many regard her the Queen of the Court. She is one in every of the foremost dominant feminine court game players the game has ever seen. As she racked up win when win, she became over simply a jock, she conjointly became a star.

Serena Williams Plastic Surgery: before and after

Serena encompasses a life style that she enjoys. She keeps up with fashion, Associate in Nursingd has an declared love for top heeled shoes. There is growing buzz on the net that the court game star – Serena Williams Plastic Surgery.

The court game champion disclosed a remarkably fresh-faced look that prompted speculation she might have succumbed to the surgeon’s knife. There area unit severalrumors prevailing within the news info channels that Serena would possibly undergone face treatments, breast implants and butts augmentation.

Serena Williams Plastic Surgery: before and after

Since she spends a great deal of her period of time at the beach. There area unit several photos that show her physique. Some individuals purpose to those photos as proofthat she had liposuction on her abdomen and her waist.

Serena Williams Plastic Surgery

Serena Williams Breast augmentation

Some counsel that breast augmentation was done on Serena as a result of her boobs were slightly saggy supported some photos.

Breast augmentation was terribly winning. However gravity didn’t let Williams keep unnoticeable because of the movement of the breasts. Today they’re larger, rounder and far fuller.

serena williams breast implants

Serena Williams Nose Job

When you compare a number of these pictures to older ones you may notice that her nose appearance to be a touch totally different. To be a lot of specific it reallyappearance a great deal diluent and delicate which is why many of us speculate at she might have undergone a face lifting.

Her natural nose tip and nasals were therefore wider as compared to her current nasals. In her when photos her nasals area unit narrower and tip is pinche then before.

Serena Williams Plastic Surgery: before and after

Serena Williams Butts augmentation

Butt is one in every of the main engaging elements of a woman’s body. Butt augmentation has been ever fashionable since the butt showing antic of Jennifer Lopez.

If Williams’ rhytidectomy offers slight modification, then it totally different with butt augmentation. It considerably modification Serena’s body look. results of her butt augmentation is additionally clear. Her backside is sort of doubled. but it’s not too clear whether or not or not she enhances her butt with implants or fat injection.

Serena Williams Plastic Surgery: before and after
However, Serena has denied all of the rumors concerning her doable plastic surgeries.

Even if she did have a cosmetic surgery. It absolutely was done terribly professionally and created terribly delicate changes on her look while not drastically dynamical any of her options.

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  1. Even if she did have it done shes still a beautiful goddess and a wonderful tennis player

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