Pamela Reif Plastic Surgery Rumors

Pamela Reif Surgery Rumors

Who is Pamela Reif?

Pamela Reif is a social media sensation, writer and fitness model whose gained more than 4,1 million followers on Instagram (@pamela_rf ) posting photos and exercise videos. Like an Ana Cheri, she started her career as a model and brand ambassador for Shredz supplements. In 2017 she published a book titled “Strong & Beautiful”. She have amazing body and that’s why we can find many rumors about Pamela Reif Plastic Surgery. Let’s talk about it…

Pamela Reif Surgeries

Pamela Reif Plastic Surgery Rumors

Pamela Reif Butt Surgery Rumor

In her blog she says that she is an ectomorph – that means, She can eat
whatever she like to and just don’t gain any weight. And also she always been into sports and dance.

Pamela Reif butt Surgery Rumors

In the photos below we can see the changes in Pamela’s figure. Obviously a change in the butt area – “mostly due to weight lifting exercizes” -she says.

Pamela Reif Surgery Rumors

So, this is the result of hard work in the sports hall or the excellent work of the surgeon – it’s up to you.

Pamela Reif


  1. You forgot about the nose job

  2. Ik that her butt is natural because i do her workouts and i can see the results also you can see she has leg muscles. Although all i wanted to know did she do her cheaks? Her nose and lips i can tell she made them and i feel confident now to do my lips. But are her cheaks natural though?

  3. I think she is beautiful and people like to make fun of celebs who get surgery which i dont get why unless they over did it and looks terrible but people who judge celebs that look amazing even after surgery are fake becuase if they had the money they would wanna fix them selves too. It’s also annoying when people lie about surgery because there is nothing wrong with surgery… Other then when you take it too far and just look terrible.

  4. I’m more curious about her face cuz it looks like she has done some plastic surgery on it, but it doesn’t really matter. When it comes to her body, I believe it’s natural. She works very hard and her body is beautiful and toned.

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